The cast is ready to take the stage

Maezyn Haugen (clockwise), Jonathan Nordlund and Charlee Ugstad were a part of the Kennedy Secondary School’s one-act play “Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany.” The eight-member group finished first in subsections and fifth at sections for their play. 

Examining the lives of three young people growing up in Nazi Germany, Kennedy Secondary School’s one-act play cast has performed their roles exceptionally well, earning first place in the subsection competition and fifth place at the section competition.

“Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany” follows the struggle of Marian, Ernst and Rebecca as they transition into adulthood. The play, which examines ethics, family and self-perception, has a cast and crew of 11 — eight actors portraying 11 roles and two students comprising the tech crew along with a Fergus Falls alum. Three actors even played two separate roles within the show. 

Historically, the one-act play competition, hosted by the Minnesota State High School League, involved traveling to stages across the state in order to perform for judges. Due to the continuing pandemic, auditions were held later than usual and the performances were recorded and submitted for judging, eliminating the need for travel. 

“It has been nice to not have to load the set in below-freezing temps and be able to be home before midnight. We chose to film on stage and for subsections we didn’t need to have masks, but then they changed the rules so for sections we had to film with masks on.  That was a challenge, but the cast and crew did amazing,” expressed Nickolauson, who also explained that the majority of rehearsals were held via Google Meet as opposed to in-person. 

Prior to the announcement of section competition results, Nickolauson shared some thoughts on the one-act play thus far. 

“We have done all we can at this point and the cast and crew have really left everything on the stage and gave a great performance, we have an amazing costume director, Nancy Reard who is amazing in general and costumes the actors so well!  The tech crew really went all out with sound effects, lighting, with the help of an alum from Fergus Falls — Leo Segura, and great organization behind the scenes by our stage manager.  Our seniors really led with great attitudes and were positive about anything that was thrown our way. Everyone has worked extremely hard and I am beyond proud of them,” Nickolauson said.

The one-act cast and crew consist of the following individuals: Kendal Nygaard, Jacob Opatz, Charlee Ugstad, Brodie Sandford, Zehra Sheikh, Jonathan Nordlund, Madelyn Westra, Maezyn Haugen, Katie Keller, Keanah Wynn-Sheldon, Leo Segura, Nancy Reard, Allee Nickolauson.

A recording of the play can be viewed at:

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