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Fergus Falls-based singer/songwriter Crystal Lemmer will head to Nashville to record a five-song EP in December after signing with the label 32South.

Fergus Falls-based singer/songwriter Crystal Lemmer is taking a big step in her career this month by signing on with Iowa-based label group 32South. She’ll be headed to Nashville, Tennessee, this December to record her first EP featuring five songs written by Lemmer.

“We are excited to work with Crystal Lemmer as she is a very talented lyricist with unique works, outstanding work ethic and possesses the goals and morals we strive to uphold in country music today,” said Adam Whitehead, owner of 32South. “We feel she is a good fit for our sound and look forward to how far she is going to go with her career.”

Lemmer grew up in Buffalo but has spent the past six years in Fergus Falls. She first started playing the piano when she was around 6 years old. “I love singing, can do a little bit of guitar, but I’ve always loved music and, just this past fall I decided I wanted to do more with performing and I have a gift and I want to share it with other people,” she says.

The road to her contract with 32South was a bit of an unexpected one. 

“I won tickets kind of last minute to a show in Nashville and so went there, ended up going by myself because it was last minute,” Lemmer says. “I made some friends with local musicians down there and then Facebook started giving me friend suggestions for random musicians, and … I thought it would be good to network, meet people. I sent friend requests to some of them just to network and Adam Whitehead, the owner of 32South, was one of those people that I added.”

Whitehead messaged her to thank her for adding him as a friend and they began to talk. He mentioned what he did and asked if she’d ever been interested in recording music. Although she’d considered and attempted performing before, she hadn’t really thought about recording before. 

“I decided, well, I’ll try writing music and see how that goes,” she says.

She began writing songs in March and her career has blossomed since them. 

“They offered the signing contract to me, I was really excited about it, that meant that they believed in my music and that I could go somewhere with it,” she said. “I’m really excited to be a part of it. ... I know that (Whitehead) and this company are going to work hard to try to see that I can do as well with these songs as possible.”

The overarching theme of her EP, she says, is female independence and strength. Four of the songs will be acoustic with one full-band track. 

“I love country music, a lot of my inspiration comes from Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert,” she says. “With the music that I write, I typically go for topics or songs that haven’t been done before or that would be done differently.”

Although she’ll be recording in Nashville, Lemmer plans to continue living and working in Fergus Falls. “I’m going to see how this album goes, I’m going to keep writing music, if I get the chance I’ll do more recording, I hope I do, I plan to live up in this area, a lot of my friends and family are up here,” she said.

There’s no set date for the release of her EP yet, though she says she hopes it will be out in the spring of 2021.

“I guess the overall goal is to get my music out there and share songs with people, hopefully there’s songs that can reach people and make a difference in their life. That’s kind of the big reason I’m doing it,” Lemmer said.

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