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SEEKING ANSWERS: 14 local churches are coming together to offer a "Tough Questions" series starting Sunday, Jan 9. 

Life is full of tough questions and sometimes it may feel impossible to find the answers. A year and a half ago, a group of pastors in Fergus Falls started meeting together and talking about some of the tough questions people grapple with throughout life.

Eric Uggerud, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Fergus Falls and leader of the Fergus Falls ministerial group, was a part of those conversations. The group came up with four specific questions and decided to start a series together, as a community of churches, titled “Tough Questions.”

Uggerud said the exploration was sparked by the last question featured in the series, “How can I know if I’m going to Heaven?”

“Just, you know, this nagging question of where will I go when I die? Can we know?” asked Uggerud. From there, the pastors came up with three more questions to investigate.

“It’s interesting, as we talk to people, they may have these questions and not address them. Or maybe they have a difficult time communicating them to a pastor …” Uggerud explained. “Christians struggle with these questions too. I, personally, as a young Christian, struggled with some of these questions and searched to find answers. So we’re hoping that this series will both benefit people who are already Christians, but then also that it would benefit people who are seeking for answers.”

This is the first time the churches are putting on this series together. “In fact, in the 14 years I’ve been here, I don’t know that I’ve seen anything quite like this that the churches have done together,” shared Uggerud.

He explained that the group of pastors came “to the realization that if we’re going to try to reach the people of Fergus Falls we should try to do some things together, as churches.”

Starting Sunday, Jan. 9, participating churches will take a deep dive every week into one of the questions, and seek answers together. There are 14 churches throughout Fergus Falls that are participating.

“Every church in Fergus Falls is invited to participate,” said Uggerud, and he hopes more will join in the series. One church is even expanding upon the questions and turning it into a six week series

The list of questions, a video about the series and a list of all participating churches can be found at

Uggerud hopes that the series allows people to seriously engage with the presented questions and be open to receiving the answers through the Bible.

“I just personally believe that there is a promise from God that if we want to know him we can seek and we can find answers.”

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