On track

When he isn’t busy running his chiropractic business, Zack Tysdal can be found on the race track as he competes in the Limited Late Model class at I-94 Sure Step Speedway in Fergus Falls.

Fergus Falls chiropractor Zack Tysdal has a summer hobby that has very little to do with his profession. 

After a day of helping folks with relief from pain in their muscles, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones, Tysdal feeds the racing bug inside of him at the I-94 Sure Step Speedway.

Tysdal raced motorcycles when he was a kid and wanted to find a way back into racing. Last summer he entered the Limited Late Model (LLM) class at I-94. He runs a Chevy 350 engine in a Trak Star frame. 

“It’s a blast,” Tysdal said. “I’m new to it so everyone has been super helpful.”

Tysdal is the first to admit that his chiropractic training has helped to keep him on the track. He has blown up one engine and lost the same tire off his car twice in the same race.

“It’s definitely not a cheap hobby,” Tysdal laughed.

Tysdal did not want to race against a beginning class of drivers and he is finding it a challenge.

“I kind of jumped into a fast class,” Tysdal said. “The biggest thing about it is the competitiveness of it. The other guys are so fast and there is no mercy - which is good.”

Tysdal is still learning some of the ins and outs of LLM driving.

“The goal is to get into a slide,” he said, adding that the average car will enter a turn on the track at 70 miles per hour.

Tysdal’s biggest challenge has been getting in enough practice. He had his own track for practice when he raced cycles but he does not have the same rights at I-94.

Tysdal would not be on track if it were not for the efforts of his pit crew. His cousin, Andrew Tysdal, is his crew chief. Other members of the crew are Jake Jennen, Chris Swenson, Jordan Schroeder and Greg, Makayla and Jarrett Huus.

“Without them I just couldn’t do it,” Tysdal said.

He also has a lot of support from his wife and four children who cheer him in every race.

Tysdal placed ninth in the LLM point standings last season and he wants to do better in 2020. 

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Tysdal said. “We’re working our tails off trying to get into the top five.

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