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Jewelry is always a great option for those looking for a quick Valentine’s Day gift. These rings and earrings from Kraning Jewelry in Fergus Falls are just a couple of ideas for loved ones this year.

With the day of love nearly upon us, warming our hearts despite the frigid outdoor temperatures, the question is: Are you prepared? Local retailers shared that when it comes to Valentine’s Day shopping, gift-buying tends to be a last-minute endeavor, with the go-to gift being flowers and candy; but what if you want to go a different route?

Jewelry is another popular avenue for women, with diamonds topping the trend list for countless years on end. 

“This year, the popular item is in-and-out diamond-hoop earrings,” shared Rick Kraning, owner of Kraning Jewelry in downtown Fergus Falls. These earrings boast diamonds exposed on both inner and outer visible surfaces for extra sparkle. Rings with a combination of both white and pink-colored rose gold are also trending. If high-end jewelry is out of your budget, there are many beautiful options available at a lower price point, including Swarovski crystal earrings at Victor Lundeen Company and Cecelia Designs pieces at The Market. 

For the men in your life, The Market has a wide selection of items geared toward men’s interests — grilling tools, beer-themed novelty items, travel mugs, and much more. They have a wide selection of soaps with more masculine scents and even heart-shaped decor that isn’t overly feminine, but rather carved of stone or salt rock. 

When it comes to children, Victor Lundeen Company has a variety of books, including sticker or temporary tattoo books, that may add some variety to the high sugar content likely to come home in school bags on Friday afternoon. Stuffed animals are also considered a great option for children and adults alike. 

Another one is to hit social media and see what your friends have to offer. Vendors stated that they often have stock on hand which would make for a quick and easy solution to Valentine’s Day gift emergencies. Area vendors offer everything from children’s books to fingernail polish strips to consumables. A quick Facebook post is likely to result in many responses offering solutions in a time crunch.

Staff at Victor Lundeen Company shared that a Valentine-themed spatula was purchased to be included with a floral arrangement from the Flower Mill, an idea that supports multiple local businesses and adds a measure of creativity and thoughtfulness to the gift. 

Other ideas to consider include building your own gift basket, stuffing a wallet with area gift cards for future date nights, booking a vacation, donating to a charity in lieu of a gift, buying a star, or gifting a homemade coupon book. 

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