Despite the need for altering Memorial Day activities at the Veterans Home in Fergus Falls on Monday, the men and women who live at 1821 N. Park St. can expect some special events on the national holiday.

The risk of spreading COVID-19 has prompted the staff at the facility to change the usual schedule of activities. Instead of being open to guests on Memorial Day only staff members will be on hand.

One mainstay of Memorial Day at the Veterans Home will be a special meal at noon.

Administrator Scott Buchanan will be giving the program’s keynote address at 2 p.m. and Chaplin Paul Hohncke will be leading the roll call honoring the members of the Fergus Falls home that have passed away during the last year.

Veterans will be out on the grounds during the day on the Honorary Walk. They will be provided with roses to plant at the Memorial Wall in remembrance of those who have died. White crosses have been constructed to mark the passing of the former servicemen.

Social distancing will be observed during all Memorial Day activities.

The American Legion Ladies Auxiliary members from Ashby will be providing special treats for the veterans. 

At 7:30 p.m. the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide a virtual Memorial Day presentation for Fergus Falls residents. One of former Fergus Falls residents, Ray Jorgenson, will be mentioned in the virtual presentation.

“We’re just going to do our best,”  said Fergus Falls Veterans Home public relations director Deanna Mounts.

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