Hassaan Mirza is the current Springboard for the Arts Hinge Artist. Mirza looks to draft a short story inspired by businesses in Fergus Falls and the pandemic.

Springboard for the Arts’ current Hinge Arts Residency introduces Hassaan Mirza,  a poet, writer, and soon-to-be graduate of the master’s program in fiction at Vanderbilt University. During his residency, which spans from March 18 through April 3, Mirza is drafting a new short story inspired by adoption during a pandemic and the basement of Biffley’s and Bookmark in downtown Fergus Falls. 

A release from Springboard for the Arts states Mirza writes short stories and essays often invested in negotiating complex and contradictory identities in an ever-changing global world fraught with violence. 

“I haven’t written any new fiction since last fall since I have mostly been editing and revising, so I am using the Hinge artist residency as a time to generate new work,” he explained.

Mirza serves as the editor of the creative nonfiction sections of the Nashville Review and his writing has been published in multiple journals. His goal during career development residency is to complete writing and revising his current project in hope to publish it in a literary journal. 

“The old adage that stories are never finished, merely abandoned, certainly resonates with me,” Mirza said. “(My) stories are all set in Pakistan, where I am from, and look at the lives of young people who grew up in Pakistan’s rapidly changing and globalizing cities.” 

In addition to Pakistan, Mirza has lived and worked in Beijing, Maine and Tennessee. He is tentatively planning on moving to the Midwest to obtain a doctorate. 

Additional work by Mirza has been published in “The Aleph Review,” “The Missing Slate,” and “Chapter 16.” He has received fellowships and grants to attend the New York State Summer Writers Institute and the Norton Island Residency. Works in progress include a collection of short stories and a novel. 

When he isn’t busy writing and editing, Mirza can be found enjoying a book, hiking, cooking or traveling. 

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