The annual Minnesota Youth Deer Hunt begins today for boys and girls ages 10-17.

The four-day season will coincide with the Minnesota Education Association (MEA) teacher workshops, which give students two weekdays without classes.

Youth ages 10-13 must be accompanied by an adult during this weekend event. The accompanying adult cannot hunt, therefore party hunting is not allowed. The adult does not have to be licensed, youth hunters must tag their own deer if they have success during this time.

Youth ages 10-12 years old must still possess the free license, and youth 12 and under must have their firearms safety certificate or apprentice hunter validation. The bag limit is one deer. Bucks must be tagged with the youth’s regular license. Doe may be tagged with their bonus permit.

Deer permit area designations for the youth season are the same for the regular firearms season. A deer harvested during the four-day hunt will count toward the youth’s annual statewide bag limit.

Minnesota’s youth deer season began in 2004 in northwestern Minnesota. Over the years, it expanded to 28 deer permit areas in parts of southeastern and northwestern Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area where deer were most abundant.

Blaze orange requirements apply to all hunters in areas open during this season.

The regular firearms deer hunting season in the Fergus Falls area is set for Nov. 9-17.


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