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The 2023 Minnesota legislative session ended on May 22, with the DFL ecstatic, the Republicans disappointed. The DFL trifecta of Governor, Senate and House got their way. The 97 Republican legislators got little. The great political divide was clear, bipartisanship was not part of this session.

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Question: I am excited for summer and doing some traveling. Can you talk about summer travel safety?

Dry gravel was making its way to the surface of the road upon which I trod. Better than the snow laden mush that had recently disappeared from the six months of snow we’d been buried in was the thought protruding. The sun poked its way from behind the clouds only for a time before the light …

Once upon a time, quite some time ago, there was a boy who was getting ready to start kindergarten. Upon learning about a severe peanut and tree nut allergy, his preschool quickly banned those products from the premises with no complication. 

I love nature photography, especially taking photos of birds. In the past, I have taken pictures and written about trumpeter swans, Canada geese, acorn woodpeckers and bald eagles. So, here comes a new one. While sitting on the top deck of the house where I live, I spotted a flash of white o…

Public Works is the department of the city that gets our hands dirty – literally! These professionals focus on infrastructure, facilities and the services that are vital to making Fergus Falls a great place to live, work and play. What they do protects our health and safety and improves the …

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