Many of us had to get creative during COVID-19 when it came to hosting get-togethers, having meetings and celebrating life events. One industry that had to get particularly creative was the wedding industry. Large celebrations with 100 plus guest lists were unrealistic and even dangerous for some couples, leaving many disappointed and frustrated with canceled or rescheduled celebrations. On the other hand, event restrictions may have given some couples the courage to plan the wedding they actually wanted to have all along. 

Many couples feel pressure from friends and family to throw a huge party; but sometimes all a couple wants is a beautiful wedding with an intimate ceremony and an affordable budget. Does it sound like too much to ask? Some creative-thinking event planners think not.

Couples have recently been introduced to the idea of the “micro wedding.” A micro wedding is a scaled-down wedding celebration, usually conducted with 50 guests or less. They have shorter timelines and smaller budgets but don’t sacrifice glamour, romance or tradition ... and they’re becoming quite a hit.  

Being someone who opted for a short and sweet courthouse wedding sans drama or debt, I thought the micro wedding sounded like an option many couples have been searching for. As it turns out, many couples are quickly welcoming the micro wedding format. Growing in popularity, many micro wedding companies are popping up in Minnesota. 

I recently had the chance to chat over email with Jamie Grays, co-owner and lead officiant at Simply Wed, a micro wedding company based out of Minneapolis. “We have been in the event industry for 10 years,” she said. “We wanted to get into the wedding industry but quickly realized that we wanted to be different and stand out from the traditional weddings that were only offered. We created a formula that was less stressful, saved time and money.”

Weddings and stress often go hand in hand. “A lot of couples are wanting to get married but don’t want to take on all of the stress that comes along with it,” said Grays. Some couples want to get married without filling their calendars with meetings or draining their bank accounts. “An average wedding in Minnesota costs about $30,000,” said Grays. With a number like that, it’s no surprise that some couples would rather spend their money paying off student loans, purchasing a home or investing in other life ventures. 

Simply Wed offers micro wedding packages, where all a couple has to do is pick the package that best fits their needs, show up with their closest family and friends, and celebrate their special day. Decor, details, music, food and photos are all taken care of. Celebrations are anywhere from one to three hours, and all packages are less than $5,000.

For couples who feel concerned about certain uninvited guests who didn’t make the limited guest list, there is a simple solution. “We have found that offering (a) live stream is a great alternative option,” Grays said. “You can invite an unlimited number of guests that can watch the whole wedding in real-time. They can also leave comments in a virtual guest book.”

Planning a wedding can be intimidating and couples are often bombarded with other well-meaning people’s opinions. Grays suggests couples take a moment to really determine what their wants, budget and means are. 

“Whether a couple decides to plan a larger traditional wedding or have a micro wedding, at the end of the day they are marrying the person they are deciding to spend the rest of their life with. As long as the couple is comfortable with the decision they both have made, that is the right choice.” 

Micro weddings offer a unique and meaningful solution to a problem couples have been facing for years. For those couples who want to celebrate their special day with close friends and family and not sacrifice the magic of the moment, the micro wedding is a perfect solution. 

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