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Column: A View from the Stands, by Aaron Stanley The best part of the current baseball playoff format that features two wild card teams instead of one is that it has created whirlwinds of trade deadline excitement. As wild card teams like Kansas City and San Francisco have made World Series runs in recent years, […]

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By Aaron Stanley  We’ve seen two instances in the past decade where powerhouse teams have exhausted themselves in chasing a regular season milestone only to flounder in the playoffs. The New England Patriots went 16-0 in 2007 to post without a doubt the most dominant regular season performance in modern football history. But we all […]

A View From the Stands By Aaron Stanley For sports fans who require a continual fix of scandals to keep their interest piqued, 2015 was a pretty solid all around year. An NFL quarterback conspiring to artificially deflate footballs, another starting quarterback having his jaw punched out by a practice squad player and a NCAA […]

A View From the Stands By Aaron Stanley I wrote in this space that last week that the Wild’s firing of head coach Mike Yeo was too little, too late to salvage a miserable season. I stand corrected. The team has exploded over the past week under new coach John Torchetti, winning four straight games […]

A View From the Stands By Aaron Stanley If you enjoy watching talented Minnesota sports teams underachieve and fail to live up to expectations, this winter has been a banner season for you. Should you fail to appreciate the value of continual losing even when a team clearly has the talent to be competitive, and […]

Not to put too much hype into preseason NFL games, but Vikings performance in Sunday’s Hall of Fame game against the Pittsburgh Steelers gave us plenty of reasons for optimism. Teddy Bridgewater was nearly perfect during his one drive, the defense shut down the punchless Pittsburgh offense, several key reserves stepped up with solid performances, […]

15 years after the National Hockey League finished a massive makeover by adding the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets to expand to 30 teams, it is coming back for another bite at the apple. The league’s latest endeavor looks to bring two more teams into the fold in Las Vegas and Quebec City, […]

It’s quite rare to come across Vikings fans on the East Coast who are actually passionate about the team and more than fair weather fans. But after moving into a new apartment complex in June, I quickly discovered that Rod, our community shuttle bus driver, had been following the team closely since the early 1970s […]

Around this time last year, I wrote a piece ripping on Brian Dozier as being one of the reasons why I was having a hard time feeling excited about the lowly Twins’ rebuilding season. I would like to take this opportunity to officially walk back on that. Dozier quietly put together a stellar season last […]

After a decade of misery, perennial rebuilding and being the butt of all sorts of jokes, this year’s offseason moves have ushered in a new era of optimism. Thus, we can finally say with a straight face that the future is now for the Minnesota Timberwolves. After a successful tanking effort in 2014-15, GM Flip […]

I have a confession to make. Last Friday, I went online and voted for the entire Kansas City Royals starting lineup 35 times to be the American League starters in the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star game. I have no particular affection for the team or any of its players, especially as they are a […]

Much has happened in the year since the Timberwolves shipped Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a bounty of number one draft picks. Contrary to what many had expected, Minnesota fans can feel quite giddy about this trade – especially after watching Love ride the bench with an injury during the NBA Finals. Love […]

If you wrote off the Twins’ 2015 season as another rebuilding campaign after a dreadful 1-6 start, in which they were outscored 45-15, you would not be alone. The general consensus was that Paul Molitor’s inaugural season would be spent keeping the benches warm for all-world prospects Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano and Jose Berrios while […]

Reactions around the world were mixed after yesterday’s news that the U.S. Justice Department had indicted 14 FIFA officials and issued warrants for five of them to be arrested at the organization’s annual congress in Zurich. Some questioned the timing and cinematic undertaking of the crackdown; while others imagined what it would be like if […]

I have good news for you, Timberwolves fans: this is the year that everything changes. The era of signing players off the street and inserting them into the starting lineup is over. The era of discarding lottery picks like Derrick Williams for rubbish after just two years is done. The era of hiring washed-up coaches […]

May is typically the month that the Kentucky Derby, basketball and hockey playoffs and, more recently, the NFL draft reign supreme in the sporting world. But in Minnesota, two venerable late-spring sporting traditions have risen above all competition: Walleye fishing opener and the Timberwolves losing out in the NBA draft lottery to much more charismatic […]

Before reading further, please take five to ten seconds and try to recall the Vikings’ top cornerback tandem of the past 20 years. Having a hard time remembering? If so, don’t feel bad. There isn’t exactly a bumper crop to choose from. Maybe you thought back to 2009 when Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffen helped […]

The Timberwolves came up three points short in their most crucial game of the season last night against the New York Knicks. The match was a nail-biter the entire way through, with neither team holding a lead of more than two points through most of the fourth quarter and overtime period. Though the T-Wolves won […]

The string of retirements by Chris Borland and other NFL players in the prime of their careers recently is just the tip of the iceberg for the sport’s looming tower of health and associated public relations problems. We’ve known for some time that football is a dangerous game and that it has, despite the NFL’s […]

Out here in my neck of the woods, if you weren’t watching the Vikings knock off the Jets in nail-biting fashion last Sunday, you were likely watching a matchup between two of the league’s more unremarkable teams, the Redskins and the Rams. Though there was nothing inherently interesting about the matchup, the game – dubbed […]

If you had to pick one social issue that would inevitably blow up this year, the use of Native American sports team mascots would have been a good guess. For upper-midwesterners, this saga is hardly newsworthy, but the rate at which this controversy has metastasized to national attention is astonishing. Last week, a local Minnesota […]

Sports fans worldwide witnessed one of the most bizarre and unpredictable outcomes imaginable this past week during the final rounds of the World Cup. While Germany took home the Cup in a thrilling 1-0 overtime victory yesterday against Argentina, the real story was Germans’ 7-1 thrashing of Brazil, the host team and heavy tournament favorites, […]

When my wife and I got married in 2010, we made a deal that we would cheer for each other’s favorite sports teams. Since my wife is Brazilian, I get to cheer for the seleção Brasileiro in all relevant football tournaments. She now has to cheer for the Vikings, Twins and the other Minnesota sports […]

It would be amiss to suggest that Zach LaVine looked enthused last Thursday when he learned that he had been drafted by the Timberwolves. His facial expression appeared as if he had just learned his mother died, and clever lip readers in the audience could see him utter a curse word to himself. Why on […]

As the teams gather at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this evening, eyes will be on the Minnesota Timberwolves and President of Basketball Operations/Head Coach/Oracle Flip Saunders and the team’s 13th pick. But several questions shroud the team — will they deal Kevin Love? Will they stay put at 13? What other picks will they […]

Despite blowing what would have been one of the greatest wins in Team USA history yesterday against Portugal, the hometown team’s showing in the World Cup this month is stirring up an incredible frenzy in what has generally been a soccer apathetic country. Soccer, or football as its known everywhere else, is fanatically popular worldwide […]

Today’s World Cup kicks off with a slightly different story line than in years past. Rather than capitalizing on the normal excitement of watching one’s favorite team and players compete on the international stage, the world soccer community is intently watching to see how tragic of a mistake they made by allowing a developing country […]

The emergence of California Chrome as the favorite to win the first Triple Crown in 36 years at this Saturday’s Belmont Stakes has the potential to reinvigorate horse racing’s aura as a beloved American pastime. The horse, a 3-5 favorite to become the 12th ever Triple Crown winner, has successfully captivated the hearts and minds […]

This week has unleashed another round of one step forward, two steps back maneuvering for professional basketball in Minnesota. The step forward was that the Timberwolves did not lose out in the NBA draft lottery as they traditionally do. Word has it that Flip Saunders and company employed a successful new strategy – burning incense […]

While the Vikings may have botched their attempt to pick Johnny Manziel, the 2014 draft figures to be another one for GM Rick Spielman to hang his hat on if it results in the end of the team’s perennial quarterback carousel. While LB Anthony Barr and QB Teddy Bridgewater project to be solid players for […]

With the impending NFL Draft taking place tomorrow evening, four of the Daily Journal staff sat down to talk about what the Minnesota Vikings should do at the number eight pick and why it would be a good idea.   By Zach Stich The key to the kingdom: Quarterback My opinion is you always want […]

There are few jobs in Minnesota that boast higher turnover than head coach of the Timberwolves. (Ok – maybe starting QB for the Vikings). Since the Kevin Garnett/Flip Saunders glory years ground to an abrupt halt a decade ago, every few years the team has dragged in a new savior head coach to salvage the […]

For the second time in franchise history, the Minnesota Wild have made the playoffs in consecutive years. And like the last time, which came in 2008, they will square off against the Colorado Avalanche – which have been a common foe throughout the Wild’s spotty playoff history. The big difference this time around, aside from […]

With the announcement that Tiger Woods will miss this weekend’s Masters Tournament, the sky might as well be falling in the world of professional golf. Or so goes the narrative that ESPN talking heads and golf enthusiasts will be regurgitating for the duration of the annual “tradition unlike any other” in Augusta, Georgia. This “Masters […]

While 2014 baseball season is officially underway, fans across the country are anxiously waiting for something that will differentiate this year from last. On the surface it feels somewhat the same. The Yankees, Dodgers and Angels are still outspending everybody else. The Nationals, Cardinals and Red Sox are still preseason favorites to make the World […]

Once again, Mark Cuban is running his mouth. After broadcasting his opinions recently on everything from the futility of college basketball to the illegitimacy of software patents, Mr. Cuban is taking a swing at the National Football League – the titan of the US sporting world. The eccentric billionaire and Dallas Mavericks’ owner likened the […]

Obamacare isn’t the first thing one normally associates with March Madness. But this year, President Obama is seizing on the basketball hoopla in a last minute push to meet his goal of six million enrollees by the March 31 deadline. By using a clever mix of big names, basketball lingo and a timely report that […]

We can all agree that 2013 was a miserable year for Vikings fans who had been largely spoiled in years past by the emergence of a respectable defensive unit. The team finished last or close to last in the league’s major defensive categories – giving up 30 points per game, 398 total yards per game […]

If you needed any convincing that situations can change on a dime in the NFL, you should be persuaded after witnessing the Vikings’ personnel moves the past two weeks. Before the trip to London, it appeared that the Vikings were doomed to another lifeless and uninspiring season with Christian Ponder at quarterback. The pride of […]

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand the past week, you probably have heard that the federal government shut down on Monday night. Regardless of whether you think this is a good or bad thing, and regardless of whether you decidedly love or hate Obamacare, everyone can agree that shutting down the government […]

When I opened my ESPN ScoreCenter app last Saturday afternoon to check college football scores, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the absurdity of some of the results. #4 Ohio State pummelled Florida A&M 76-0. #7 Louisville did the same to Florida International 72-0. Louisiana-Monroe was at least able to […]

Let’s do a quick mental exercise before diving into this week’s column. In your mind, picture an economic system that is based on a state-sanctioned monopoly, which conducts contract procurement with little competition in the bidding process, and is wholly sustained by a labor force that receives minimal compensation. If the first image that came […]

As we steamroll to the start of the NFL regular season tonight, this author is particularly excited by the opportunity to watch “real” football once again. As I live on the East coast, I was only able to catch the one Vikings preseason game, against San Francisco, which was nationally televised. Unfortunately, I was running […]

As the Vikings enter into the final roster trimming phases, they’ll be forced to once again make a decision on the multi-purpose enigma known as Joe Webb. In an age when such hybrid NFL players, who do not fit positional prototypes, must earn their stripes on special teams, Webb has consistently managed to make the […]

Vikings fans became understandably upset earlier this year when they learned Percy Harvin had been traded to Seattle. Harvin was one of just a handful of exciting players on the Vikings’ relatively stale offense, and jettisoning him left the receiver cupboard almost completely bare.       Fans had good reason for concern, as Minnesota […]

Time stood still this week as it awaited the birth of the newest member of the British Royal Family and the next-in-line to the monarchy. Seemingly the entire world watched as Kate Middleton, the commoner-turned-Duchess of Cambridge, went into labor, was rushed to the hospital, gave birth to a baby boy, emerged in a hospital […]

Over the past decade, Timberwolves fans have become accustomed to ingesting the team’s offseason shenanigans with a dose of Prozac. The highlights of these moves have generally consisted of dumping off a lottery pick bust to another unlucky team for spare parts, only to see him be replaced by another ineffective lottery pick. In spite […]

It’s the dog days of summer, and NHL free agency has stolen the headlines by virtue of the fact that there’s little else going on in professional sports. The Wild have been more active than usual, and are hoping to further retool their roster after the signings of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter last offseason […]

While controversies over Native American sports team names have occurred routinely since the 1970s, the latest iteration consists of a Minnesota congresswoman demanding that the Washington Redskins abandon their name and cease to “exploit for profit” a racial slur. The Redskins’ name, which originated in 1933 back when the team was playing in Boston, has […]

Tonight’s NBA Draft has basically the same stagnant dynamic as the NFL Draft earlier this year: no true superstars, a lack of first round talent and a complete toss up as far as projecting where players will go. While there is talent to be had, the top players this year – such as Nerlens Noel, […]

Fan revolts can come in any variety of ways. Miami Marlins fans have boycotted their team in protest of Jeffrey Loria- the team’s owner, Philadelphia fans once booed Santa Claus and threw snowballs at him, but it’s hard to top what’s happened in Brazil the past week. Thousands of protesters marched outside Brazil’s FIFA Confederations […]

Uproar ensued last week after documents leaked by a whistleblower publicly revealed the existence of covert domestic surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency. Shortly afterwards, a former CIA techie and high school dropout, Edward Snowden, publicly outed himself as the man behind the leaks. With Mr. Snowden on the lam in Hong Kong, […]

Let’s hop in a time machine and journey back to 1971- the American League had not yet implemented the designated hitter rule, the voting age in the US was still 21 and Deep Purple’s Machine Head album had not been released- meaning that aspiring young guitarists could not yet hone their chops with the intro […]

Last week’s announcement that Notre Dame starting quarterback Everett Golson had been suspended for the entire 2013 season was shocking, but it’s an indicator that universities may finally be getting serious about holding student athletes to the same standards as other students. According to his statement, Golson indicated that his integrity was “in question” and […]

A Minnesota May typically brings three sporting highlights: fishing season, preliminary Twins hype and a Timberwolves swing and miss in the NBA Draft lottery. With anglers being met with cold and the Twins in rebuilding mode, the Wolves lived up to their end of the bargain in Tuesday’s draft lottery by failing to move up […]

The 15-year saga surrounding Vikings’ permanency in Minnesota took a large leap towards the finish line earlier this week. Officials unveiled the design for the team’s new stadium — a futuristic, sloping glass-covered structure similar to the Sandcrawler transports used by Jawas in the Star Wars movies. While the proposed billion-dollar facility isn’t as other-worldly […]

Last night’s 3-0 loss to Chicago brought together both the best and worst aspects of Minnesota professional hockey. While the playoff appearance has injected a dose of adrenaline into the Wild franchise, the team is down 3-1 in the series and destined for another mediocre season. Assuming a first round playoff exit, with how much […]

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