I have good news for you, Timberwolves fans: this is the year that everything changes. The era of signing players off the street and inserting them into the starting lineup is over. The era of discarding lottery picks like Derrick Williams for rubbish after just two years is done. The era of hiring washed-up coaches to lead D-League caliber personnel is over. The era of tanking games to earn a better draft slot is through.

The days of the T-Wolves being the laughing stock of the NBA year in and year out are coming to an end.

I have more good news: in just a few short years, we will look back on May 19, 2015 as the most memorable day in Minnesota sports history since the Twins won the World Series a quarter century earlier.

My prediction is that in two years’ time, this date will have surpassed January 10, 2005, when Randy Moss mooned Green Bay Packer fans at Lambeau Field during a Wild Card playoff game.

Why is this date so important, you ask? The T-Wolves winning the lottery means far more than the chance to pair Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony Towns with Anthony Wiggins. Rather, it is a fundamental paradigm shift away from the perpetual loser mentality that has plagued this team and this state for far too long.

After 25-plus years of consistent stinking, the T-Wolves have finally overcome the psychological hurdle that has held it back. It has received a favorable draw in the draft lottery that will allow for the selection of a game changing player.

Once we have our new game-changing franchise player, there will be no looking back.

No more Christian Laettners. No more Wesley Johnsons. No more Johnny Flynns. No more Corey Brewers. No more Ndubi Ebis. No more Pooh Richardsons.

No more excuses to be made about the NBA rigging the lottery against us. No more excuses about a lack of talent. This team will enter the 2015-16 season with more than enough talent to dominate. There’s no reason why they cannot be scary good in two years.

This is a moment of change for all Minnesota sports fans who have bought into the lie that we are somehow inferior to Wisconsin, North Dakota and all of the other localities that we grew up envying. Now is our time. This is our year.

This optimism isn’t just basketball-related. The Twins are one of the hottest teams in the American League after their putrid start. The Wild put together a stellar season and just need to find a way to beat Chicago in the playoffs. The Vikings are putting the finishing touches on what will be a top-flight defense and are getting the best running back in the game back this season. This is an incredible year.

I’m here to proclaim that the curse of being a Minnesota sports fan is officially broken. This is the year of sports abundance. This is the year when the sower shall overtake the harvester, and the treader of grapes will overtake the planter. Behold, Minnesota, for your fresh wine will soon be dripping down the mountains.


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