I just got done shoveling. The weather was a crisp zero degrees. I did not have a winter hat on and I also did not wear winterized pants (don’t tell my mom...). After the hour of shoveling I got back to work and realized that my face and ears burned a little bit.

My stubbornness (from what ever nationality I wanted to claim at the moment) made me go out into the weather and get the job done, despite being underprepared.

This isn’t the first time that I have done something like this, nor am I the first person to go out into the cold and work without the proper coverage. We Minnesotans are definitely a different breed. I don’t know if it is a lack of brain cells, proving our toughness or a little bit of both.

If you disagree with my assessment, tell me why so many people cheered former Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant in 2016 when he walked out for the coin flip in -15 degree weather with nothing but normal clothes and a hat. He wasn’t wearing a coat, and at age 88 (he is 92 now), proved again how tough he was.

I was at that game and thought to myself “Bud Grant is crazy. It is freezing outside and  he looks like he wants to chase around Russell Wilson.” I remember being happy I was sitting in the press box where I got to watch the game from the comforts of a 70-degree room.

I remember a few winters wearing just a sweatshirt. I had a coat and winter boots in my car in case I broke down on the side of the road, but otherwise my mental faculties kept telling me “it’s not cold out.” I was lucky to not run into a problem that made me eat my words.

This weekend, I will be moving. Checking the weather forecast, it is not ideal for hauling boxes or lifting heavy items into a trailer. I believe that I should be just fine keeping warm but it isn’t ideal.

I also hope my children don’t pick up this Minnesotan trait. But, it wouldn’t be the first time in my household that someone has disagreed about wearing a coat outside.


Zach Stich is the managing editor of The Fergus Falls Daily Journal.


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