Finally, we here in rural Minnesota have a candidate for our state Senate District 8 who will work for us in rural Minnesota.  That candidate is Michele Anderson.

I came to know this candidate when I had the privilege of sitting next to her at the weeklong Blandin Foundation Community Leadership seminars and workshops in 2011. We were all impressed by her thoughtful views and ideas about our rural resilience and vitality.  She has the spark of leadership, thoughtfulness, knowledge and insight that puts her head and shoulders over other candidates. It was clear that she is an advocate for rural communities and enterprise from farming to light industry and that she takes time to listen to you.

She knows and learns fast what is needed to support rural farmers, contractors, trades, transportation, education and health care.

One size for all does not work for concentrated metro areas and for farm country. Her clear and smart voice and skills are needed to bring our rural requirements forward for legislative action.  

Michele’s extensive knowledge of our issues and our rural needs is based on her deep roots here in OtterTail County.  She cares about this place and our future.

Michele’s superior capabilities show in her writing, public speaking and her actions.  She already has put Fergus Falls and we in west-central Minnesota on the national and international stage.  Michele took on and countered the false picture of our area as populated by crude dolts and she forced the international German magazine Der Spiegel to publicly apologize and print a retraction of the article, an awesome accomplishment!

Through my lifetime in the military I can spot exceptional leadership – leadership through knowledge, leadership through caring, leadership through desire to get it right, leadership through listening. Michele Anderson is clearly and demonstrably a leader head and shoulders above other candidates for this office.

As a state senator, she will take time to listen to you and through her you will be well served and heard in St. Paul.

I strongly and sincerely recommend that you give your vote to Michele Anderson for state Senate District 8.


Tim Hunt

Fergus Falls

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