We are beginning to get a clear picture of Biden’s socialism. Not like Sweden’s, for sure, but one of total economic and military disaster. One which utilizes a “plandemic” to generate massive panic in order to create “emergency” mandates which shut down businesses and livelihoods, churches and educational institutions – nearly everything except abortion clinics and liquor stores and then passes the buck onto corporations who impose a questionable injection upon its citizens (except Congressional members, the federal court system, and postal workers) as a solution instead of offering viable treatments. A bureaucracy that exalts “medical science” but ignores reports from French and German laboratories which warn of abnormalities now showing up in the blood samples of the vaccinated as their red blood cells begin to pile up in stacks (rather than repelling each other to allow free flow), woven together by some mysterious metallic thread that has somehow changed the ionic structure of the cells. (Metallic nanoparticles have been used in vaccinations to hasten immunity production.) 

A fearful administration that allows big tech media to censor any opposing source of truth. A Marxist tyranny which divides friends and families and communities, butchers its children and abandons its citizens and allies on foreign fields, along with the personal information of their whereabouts. A traitorous leadership that opens our borders for an invasion of illegal terrorists. Is this the America we wanted?

Biden is not Lincoln or Reagan or Trump who will call upon the almighty God to rescue us from the mess we have made. So, what can we as a people do to avoid total ruin? “Dissolve the political bands that connect us” (Declaration of Independence). Stop allowing this government to control us with its tempting handouts; get back to work. Stand up and speak out, not for ‘rights’, but for righteousness and truth. Reject the lies and the mandates. Vote for candidates who uphold our Constitution; study it ourselves so we know its legal statutes. Remember that our neighbors are our brothers, and we are one nation under God. Return to the God of our fathers; He can heal our land – if we cooperate.

But are we willing to make those sacrifices? If not, we, as a free nation, will perish.



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