This continues to be a “money pit” (since inception) and now it is most important the silent majority of Fergus Falls finally stands up and voice their opinion on this failure. If I recall this was initially voted down by the locals” some 20 years ago. As in the past, this council believes in spending money on capital projects (outside the primary purpose of the city) on the “hopes” people will come. 

Now that the convention center has proven itself as a failure, the Council wants to reinvent the wheel by reopening the facility in 2022 under contract with an out-of-town company at the cost of $180,000 (3-year contract) plus add a director position or two. 

Now here is the “kicker,” in addition to the $180,000 management contract and additional city staff, the Committee of the Whole is requesting the council to immediate approval and a technology Upgrade (audio) for only $328,000 and air conditioner upgrade for $10,000. This will total some $600,000 in my best approximation. Allow me to repeat this number again, Six Hundred Thousand Dollars! 

History should illustrate the fact that: 1) this has been and will continue to be a bad investment, 2) the facility cannot be managed by the city council and 3) the best decision now is to sell the facility now - before any more money is lost. Finally, the Fergus Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau should be defunded as this operation is well outside the primary purpose of this city and based on limited resources.. 

I urge you to sit right down with a cup of coffee and write a letter to the following: city administrator, mayor, all council members, Daily Journal’s Letter to the Editor, Fergus Falls News Facebook page, Chamber of Commerce to express your thoughts on this. Then call the city office to demand your opinion is reviewed at the opening of a council meeting. 

You now know mine.. 




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