In the words of the immortal Deion Sanders “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” This isn’t the reason that I have been wearing more dress socks lately, but I think that it exemplifies what I am trying to accomplish with my few new pairs. But have I jumped on a (dying) trend with my socks?

So, for my birthday my wife purchased a few pairs of dress socks. This was after a lot of complaining about how the socks I had purchased before did not “breathe.” I had bought a pair of generic socks, but they had a thicker bottom that allowed for more comfort and, hopefully, would last longer. They proved to be less of a godsend and more of a hindrance as it left my feet begging to be let out (too much information).

The socks that my wife bought me went great with a pair of khakis or black slacks. What she and I did not realize is that I would not just be wearing these socks for work but also for working out. The fun (and lack of caring what others think about them) ensued.

The first pairs had more traditional patterns and could easily look just like a basic sock that someone would wear. There is black pair, a black and gray checkered pair, a blue with small yellow stars, etc. Nothing too radical.

What I discovered is that these socks were pretty amazing. I didn’t mind that my workout clothes and my socks made it look like I had come for a business negotiation and forgot to bring spares. It reminded me of the socks that many high school athletes and college kids were wearing. Something that was definitely out of the box but not unexpected.

But then my wife asked me “How are the socks? Good? OK, I will buy you another set.”

This time, I mentioned that I would like more patterned socks and maybe something kind of crazy. Mistake or eye-catching?

Well, the next group of socks that I received don’t even match my dress clothes (I think she did that on purpose). A pair made me look like the Wicked Witch of the East (sans ruby slippers), another looked like Justin Timberlake’s shirt from his Super Bowl performance, and yet another looked as if my daughter decided socks should have as many different colors on them as possible. But you want to know what… I was excited to see how they meshed with my clothes (they haven’t and it has been fun trying to figure out how to match my shirt with my socks).

This isn’t my first foray into weird sock fashion. A few years back I received a pair of dress socks that had mustaches (brown, powder blue and black) on them. I never thought I would wear them after the wedding I was in, but on a fateful day in October of 2014, I had to use them (I forgot to do a big load of laundry).

I was coaching at the time and our team won by more than 20. So, I wore the socks the next week (if you remember back, I am a little superstitious) and we won again. And the week after that, we won again. I did not wear them the week we played in the playoff semifinals (they were dirty) and we lost.

Now, that year in sports was magic in a bottle. I have worn those socks for other games and not had the same outcome, so I don’t think they were really lucky. But yet, I still find myself throwing them on if I need something positive to go my way.

So, with a dresser full of funky dress socks I make my way through the day. I really do believe what Deion is preaching when I wear these socks. I do feel better about the day and I feel like I am accomplishing more than if I wore regular socks.

You really can’t knock it until you try it. Besides, it’s better to know that I am doing this intentionally than being blissfully unaware.

Zach Stich is the managing editor of The Fergus Falls Daily Journal. His column appears Thursday.


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