So lately, I have been feeling pretty bummed out. Things really haven’t been falling my way as of late (or maybe I have just accentuated the negatives) and it has really been taking a toll on my mood. But like the old saying goes “as one door closes, another one opens… .”

As I sat bummed out Saturday evening, despite being with a bunch of friends, I received a text from a close friend that lives far away (ironic). It really wasn’t anything more than a “thinking about you” type text. But man talk about a pick-me-up.

I have plenty of friends in close circumference that I could call or talk with but he and I share a special bond. We grew up with the same family woes, we both were very talented in a few aspects of our lives, we both regarded academics very highly and we felt like we personified what it was to be someone from a lower income family in Fergus Falls.

Our paths differed after high school as he went into the military and I went to college. We stayed in touch during his many deployments and my long drives. I think we even became closer friends despite being hundreds of miles away. For awhile, I became his informant to all things going on with former classmates in Fergus Falls, and some of the gossip that had surrounded the area (most of which was pretty uninteresting).

When we both got married, we shared marriage advice, and when we had children, we shared stories of the escapades of being a father. These were vital tools as you like to bounce ideas off a friend before you present it to your significant other as a reason why a 2-year-old should go barefoot water skiing (just kidding).

But what the text really made me realize is that I don’t have the same amount of time anymore to talk with this friend. We both are busy and each other’s free time becomes the other’s busy schedule. What really counts is that I know that I have that out there — someone that I can rely on (other than my wife) that is thinking about me and has my back.

I had done the same for him awhile back. Random text out of nowhere (I am getting pretty good at that with a lot of people). At the time, I felt like I needed to connect with him and just wanted to send out positive vibes his way.

I believe that everyone needs someone in their life like this. That person that can reach out of nowhere and make you smile. Sometimes a quick pick-me-up is all that you need to get through the grind.

Zach Stich is the managing editor at The Fergus Falls Daily Journal. His column appears each Thursday.


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