On Wednesday, Oct. 23, The Fergus Falls Daily Journal reported on a panel discussion at Grace United Methodist/ Fergus Falls that addressed youth mental-health issues. Results from a 2018 Minnesota survey taken by Fergus Falls students (grades 5,8,9 and 11) were presented by Fergus Falls School District Superintendent Jeff Drake.  One question asked, “Have you ever seriously considered attempting suicide?  The response, “Yes, more than a year ago,” was submitted by 1 out of 5 female students.  It was noted the response by  Area Learning Center/ ALC students climbed to 50%.  The article stated that “The survey results painted a picture that mental health is a serious concern among students in Fergus Falls.”   Panel discussion noted how important it is to protect kids from stress.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, an event billed as a “community conversation forum”  featuring “sustainability” and “climate change” was held at First Lutheran Church/Fergus Falls.”  Speaker Beth Monke represented Citizen’s Climate Lobby, whose mission is to “block legislation that has the potential to increase climate change” and “place a fee on all fossil fuels.”   One audience member pointed out that as even the “definition of climate change” has yet to be settled, agreement on any so-called causes and solutions anytime soon seems remote.  At this point the moderator ended an attempt at “community conversation” during an event seemingly designed to conflate pollution with politically charged climate-change issues.

The public is daily bombarded with doomsday scenarios surrounding the globe’s so-called climate crisis:  Its poster child is 16-year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden, a child battling depression, manipulated by adults with their own global climate-change agendas;  find accounts of educators in Europe and America championing students to skip school to fight global warming issues that most adults can’t agree on;  read how fearful European youth have formed “Birthstrike,” pledging not to procreate due to the imminent end of civilization.  Globally, young people are exhibiting fear, clinical depression and suicidal thoughts related to their diet of climate change/ end-of-world agitprop...all pushed by globalists, ex and present politicians, wealthy celebrity hypocrites with money and power at stake and an uneducated flock of useful idiots.

This said, are you OK with having this chaos potentially imported to the halls of Fergus Falls schools?  Why were posters advertising the First Lutheran event prominently hung in Kennedy Secondary School/KSS halls where children as young as fifth grade pass?  And why is a Fergus Falls Youth Citizens Climate Lobby group being formed by KSS staff?

When adults are committed to protecting kids from stress, depression and thoughts of suicide...they won’t drag them into political wars that should only be fought by adults.  Thoughtful, committed adults will nurture, support and love the children of this community and work to protect their physical and mental health as well as their childhoods.

Cathy Colling

Fergus Falls


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