Congratulations Dave and Bonnie Jennen on being awarded the Young Eagles Leadership Award. I am well aware of this award and you have certainly earned every aspect of this recognition. Having grown up myself at Einar Michelson Field, Fergus Falls (KFFM), and belonging to the Civil Air Patrol. I can attest to the importance of leaders like yourself to educate and mentor our young aviators.

It takes a lot of time, effort and finances to accomplish what both of you have done. Because of your expertise and dedication, a number of your students will find a path to a rewarding career in aviation.

On a personal note I always enjoy when I return to Fergus for my class reunions and that you take me up for a guided tour of the area in your Skyhawk. I really appreciate any chance to fly with you. Thanks so much.


Philip R. Aune

West Hills, California

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