In Suzy Hames’ meandering Jan. 9 letter to the editor (“Kudos to Collin Peterson”), we are treated to an anti-impeachment missive devoid of actual fact, followed by a sharp veer into a critique of the global warming “scheme,” the Green New Deal, and a most curious assertion that such a program would “enslave” us. Questionable word choices aside, I wonder what Ms. Hames sees as she makes her way through the world each day. To my eyes, I see nothing but absolute dependence on the very mechanisms that a more robust set of policies toward conservation might help us escape. We’ve compromised not only our environmental future in an excess of consumption, but our economic, public health, and social well-being too. One’s mark for success should not be how much one consumes in his or her lifetime, but in the care one takes in preserving our world for future generations.


Jake Krohn

Fergus Falls

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