Last Monday, Jan. 13, The Daily Journal launched its new app and it’s great and easy to use. This is very exciting because The Daily Journal produces a lot of local news that we distribute through various means like our print product, website, e-newsletter, e-edition, Facebook, Twitter and now our app. We now have the ability to send push notifications to your phone through our app and that is independent of anything happening in Silicon Valley. We will send out breaking news, news updates or anything we think is important for you to know as quickly as possible. 

Breaking news is important when it comes to natural disasters or major storm systems or perhaps an active shooter emergency. I’ll give you an example of how a news app was able to inform readers of breaking news they needed to know quickly.

One Friday morning back in December 2018, a 7.0 earthquake struck Alaska seven miles north of Anchorage rocking the region causing power outages, damage to highways, houses, buildings, schools etc. Thankfully, by the grace of God, no one was injured or killed.

Our sister newspapers, the Matsu Valley Frontiersman located in Wasilla and the Anchorage Press experienced this very scary and dangerous natural disaster. We have all seen video/photos of the earthquake and the fear and damage it caused. The devastation is undeniable.

After the earthquake people were immediately wanting news and information regarding the earthquake. So they turned to a trusted source, the local newspaper. One of the ways readers used to get timely news and information regarding the earthquake was to download the Frontiersman’s app. The number of app downloads for the Frontiersman jumped considerably right after the earthquake so they could then receive notifications about road and school closures, electrical outages and more.

Certainly the lakes area is not in any danger, that I know of, for a similar earthquake natural disaster, however, we do get bad storms. If a really bad snow storm hits it can be devastating, tearing down power lines, collapsing roofs and making travel hazardous or impossible. 

This made me think of The Daily Journal app and how it could help people get timely news and information when they need it. Users will receive instant notifications in real time making The Daily Journal app a valuable tool at a time of need or at any time. Why wait for a natural disaster to occur when you can download The Daily Journal app now just by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The app is free and only takes seconds to download. I suggest doing it now while you’re thinking of it so you can take advantage of being among the first to get news and information that matters to you.


Ken Harty is the publisher of The Fergus Falls Daily Journal.


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