On Tuesday evening, Fergus Falls Mayor Ben Schierer gave his annual State of the City speech at Kennedy Secondary auditorium.

While many of the things the mayor said were positives on the community, he also mentioned a lot of the issues that face Fergus Falls. Mental health, crime and challenges the local business community faces were three primary issues brought into focus.

“We must adapt. It’s not the 1980s,” Schierer said.

This is why the state of the city is an important discussion point. Community members need to understand that despite successes and growth, Fergus Falls and its citizens need to work toward answers. We must change the narrative that has been spread that the Fergus Falls is “dying.”

The Journal looked at this issue in our retail series last year. Our reporters came to discover that the gloom and doom that has been portrayed due to big-box retail stores leaving the city was not backed by the numbers. But there are many challenges that are still present.

One positive is the Fergus Falls School District seeking to purchase the former Target building. This shows that our community can adapt to change and create a better outcome.

We encourage members of the community to reach out to city officials, entrepreneurs and other leaders in the community to provide ideas that would benefit Fergus Falls.


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