After Monday’s Fergus Falls City Council meeting, it is nice to know that the city and its staff have a plan for repairs on roads in the community.

A harsh winter and a quick spring has made city roads in and around the community treacherous.  A few Fergus Falls citizens have even made comments about the infrastructure stating “I wish the snow would come back so we can fill these potholes” and “it’s surprising when you wish for ice and snow because the roads after are terrible.”

In a recent editorial by the Mankato Free Press, funding for roads was discussed. In the editorial, it stated that the Minnesota Department of Transportation has said that roads are getting worse in the state with several falling into the poor category. In 2018, there were 502 miles of state highway that were in poor condition.

While it may not be on a highway or the interstate, roads in Fergus Falls and surrounding communities have also taken a hit. The Fergus Falls City Council took its first steps toward fixing some of the issues of city roads and continue with a plan to fix trouble spots throughout the city.

We encourage readers in their communities to express the need to fix their city and town roads to their local governments. Roads are one of the first things that travelers recognize when entering a city and with summer just around the corner, communities should want visitors to leave their communities with pleasant memories — not bumpy ones.

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