It’s that transition time of year between snow, mud and brown grass and when the grass turns green, the flowers start growing and some life is brought back to the community.

As the snow melts, what’s left behind is often not very pleasant. Streets and yards are left with dirt and sand, and oftentimes there’s trash, too, that needs to be picked up.

Take advantage of the sunny and dry moments to begin raking yards, pick up any loose branches and get rid of the aftermath of winter.

The street sweepers have started cleaning some of the main streets and will likely be out even more in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re walking anywhere in town and you see some trash on the ground, do everyone a favor and pick it up.

Picking up trash is also a good opportunity to teach stewardship to your children or grandchildren. Grab some gloves and a trash bag and start in your own neighborhood.

What a difference everyone can make if they just pitch in together.


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