With the move of the Fergus Falls School Board to enter a letter of intent to purchase the empty Target building Tuesday, it shows a positive step for not only the school district, but the Fergus Falls community.

We here at The Journal have heard numerous comments over the past few years on what the city will do with the accumulation of former retail buildings left vacant after parent companies decided to pull out of the community. Although many would like to see one retail store replace the former, the economic trend of box stores does not favor that unilateral move. Online shopping has caused corporations to pull out of smaller cities, file bankruptcy or completely close.

As enrollment increases in the district, space was needed. The initial remodel of the Heritage building proved not to be cost-effective, so the district went looking for a space that would house Early Childhood and Family Education— including Otter Preschool — and their partner, Children’s Corner. After several scenarios, the district decided that the Target building provided the adequate amount of space for what they needed, as well as an opportunity for future growth.

This on the surface looks like a win-win for the Fergus Falls community. Not only will the school be able to expand their ECFE but it will also fill a newer facility that recently lost its occupant.

We at The Journal applaud the district for finding an alternative to their problem and helping fill a building that is over 20 years old.

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