As the ice and snow on the roadways are melting, it is clear that winter has been rough on Fergus Falls roads.

Potholes galore are popping up all over town — some small and others exceptionally large.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, potholes are started with a combination of water and severe cold. The cold causes pavement cracking that allows water to seep in, expand and displace paving material.

With the addition of sunlight, the freeze-and-thaw cycle continues, and it is accelerated faster with warmer weather. As vehicles drive over these areas, the pavement continues to weaken and crack.

Hitting potholes can cause serious problems on cars, including damage to tires, wheels, suspension and alignment, to name a few. They can even damage the undercarriage of your vehicle and the exhaust systems.

If you come across a pothole that is especially troublesome — which there are many — you should report it to the Minnesota Department of Transportation office if it’s on a state highway or call the city or county if it’s on a city or county road.

We ask that these entities take action on these troublesome spots as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of damage and even potential crashes for motorists.


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