Now that the weather has finally cooperated and it looks more like summer and less like a late spring, we in Minnesota move into another season —construction season.

This joke has been told time and again by residents of the region as we begin to drive on clear roads again, only to have construction work begin on our roads, highways and the interstate. Construction work has been done on Lincoln Avenue in Fergus Falls as the work zone has taken up the middle of the street in portions. With a limited season to make repairs to our infrastructure, expect more areas of the city and state to have work zones.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, drivers traveling too fast and not paying attention are the main causes of work zone crashes. Follow these safe driving tips:

• Stay alert, especially at night.

• Stay off cellphones and mobile devices.

• Be patient. Expect delays, especially during peak travel times.

• Obey posted speed limits. Fine for a violation in a work zone is $300.

• Expect work zones to constantly change. Day to day you could experience lane shifts, closures or moving workers and vehicles.

• Don’t make unnecessary lane changes.

• Do the zipper merge.

• Never enter a road blocked with barriers or cones.

Remember to drive slowly and keep your eyes open for those working on roads. It is important to keep both you and those that work on the roads safe.

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