We would like to give a big thank you to citizens in Fergus Falls and the surrounding area that helped open up sewer drains and moved mounds of snow and ice.

With the recent warm weather, the melt has produced a stream of water headed to sewer drains. Without those in the community that helped open drains, standing water would be seen on several streets in the city. It is a surprise to see how much snow can melt in a short period of time.

We would also like to thank the city staff that gave a strong effort in uncovering the hard to dig out drainage areas. With numerous pipes that burst in recent weeks, the quick response of city workers got neighborhoods back to normal.

A thank you should also be given to those that helped out neighbors with flooding issues. Providing equipment, an extra hand, child care or an ear to talk to, really goes a long way in supporting your fellow citizens.

Although we are technically out of winter, we still need to be cognizant of incoming weather — snow, rain or otherwise. Remember, we are all in this together and keeping our streets clean and safe is a big priority.


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