No matter the faith we each chose, there is that daily reality, too, having to navigate our daily lives instead of blindly leaving it to God. True responsible faith dictates that we each take personal responsibility to care for the beautiful body our creator endowed us, and to use our beautiful brain to sustain us. Regarding pandemic mitigation efforts, Scientific data dictates that we each do our part in protecting ourselves, our friends/neighbors/communities during this horrible disease path. It is not enough to think God will save us all, we have always used science to help us manage Life. When we have an ache in our knees or back, to whom do we run? Science. When our partner has a heart attach to whom do we run? Science. Because of unhealthy life choices you may choose that results in chronic issues on your beautiful body you call on what? Science.

At the end of the day, our own personal faith remains strong no doubt. In our daily reality, right now today, factual science-based data is used in making life-sustaining decisions. Religion and science are not mutually exclusive.

Politics belongs in neither. Shame on those from both parties who allow party line to rule their thought process on our daily realities, adding to the divisive atmosphere in dealing with a world pandemic.

Pray? Yes, let’s do! But act, too. Pray and act on a more cohesive, united, truly kind Fergus Falls working for a manageable pandemic urgency if and when it reaches us.


Leah Landwehr

Fergus Falls

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