I applaud Mayor Ben Schierer and the Fergus Falls City Council for hosting Rajan Zed to provide the opening invocation. It is a small act with a large meaning. An invocation is meant to draw us together. To recognize, regardless of our faith, status or background, those important values we share. At its best, invoking the strengths of our faiths helps remind us of our shared humanity. In a time of pandemic, when we - not as Christians or Hindus, Americans or Indians, Republicans or Democrats but as simply humans - can see how much we depend on each other for our continued existence, it reminds us of our commonalities, of what holds us together rather than divides us.

I was pleased to read that we can respectfully dissent. Like the readers, I am glad to live in a society where can celebrate differences and that we can freely and without fear, voice our differences.

I note in closing the comment from one citizen regarding war. Having lived and worked in war over the past 20 years, like many others who have, I believe the best way to prevent or stop war can be found in understanding, acceptance and love. The antidote for war is peace. The cure for inhumanity is humanity. I think any Christian or Hindu would agree.


Chris Hyslop

Fergus Falls

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