Now that the impeachment process has begun, let’s set the record straight. The Democrats did not impeach President Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They have brought these charges against him because they wanted to get rid of him. They told us that from the beginning. So they have fabricated lies and changed policy laws to make that happen, and they control the media to confuse public opinion. In truth, there is a segment of our representatives, particularly in the Democratic party, who want to destroy our Constitution and national sovereignty. These same people have concocted a scheme of global warning in order to propose the Green New Deal which would severely limit our transportation, industry, and use of natural resources; in general, enslave us. All these issues that President Trump vehemently opposed. I applaud Collin Peterson for taking a stand on our behalf, also. But if this is what the American people want, we shall need to prepare for a great change in our lifestyles. At least, look into the truth of it all.


Suzy Hames

Fergus Falls


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