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In Suzy Hames’ meandering Jan. 9 letter to the editor (“Kudos to Collin Peterson”), we are treated to an anti-impeachment missive devoid of actual fact, followed by a sharp veer into a critique of the global warming “scheme,” the Green New Deal, and a most curious assertion that such a progr…

Now that the impeachment process has begun, let’s set the record straight. The Democrats did not impeach President Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They have brought these charges against him because they wanted to get rid of him. They told us that from the beginning. So they have f…

To be a Christian, or a person of moral integrity whatever your religion or culture, you need to be following God. Because we needed help in this due to our human weaknesses, God sent his son and our Savior Lord Jesus Christ through his love for us. Merry Christmas!

Just because we are older, why dont’ we have rights anymore? We more than paid our share and they keep saying because we’re older, we don’t have our right minds and we can’t get around like we used to. Yet, there are younger people that could really use the help and can’t get it. 

Republican Rick Perry, now alleged to be involved in Donald Trump's Ukraine scandal, has announced that Donald Trump was "chosen by God" to be president. This is an insult to intelligence and spirituality as well as blasphemous.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, The Fergus Falls Daily Journal reported on a panel discussion at Grace United Methodist/ Fergus Falls that addressed youth mental-health issues. Results from a 2018 Minnesota survey taken by Fergus Falls students (grades 5,8,9 and 11) were presented by Fergus Falls Sch…

Just a couple of months into the new school year, an alarming number of Otter Tail County students have been exposed to a widespread and fast-growing health problem: e-cigarettes. As a longtime health advocate and proud resident of Fergus Falls, I have once again witnessed a  generation becoming addicted to tobacco products.  The same argument […]

What  a load of waffle from Sally Pipe  “Short term plans are more affordable.  One analysis (and whose analysis might this be?) found that premiums for the cheapest short-term plans are 80% lower than those for the least expensive Obamacare plan … and thanks to the Trump administration, Americans can purchase short term plans that […]

I read with interest the two articles from Merrill Mathews.  First one right on! Ethanol was/is a disaster.  Created by the likes of big feed/seed companies, big chemical companies and plain old-fashioned greed.  Ethanol is extremely damaging to the environment in so many ways. But enough of that. On to his second letter extolling the virtues […]

Your health and how you care for your body is a matter of choice as a civilian; your choice – but not if you are in the military. Why? Because back in 1847 educated medical doctors wanted to keep control over their health-care domain. In 1847, they formed the American Medical Association (AMA) to do […]

Always, it seems, in an election cycle, outcomes the cry “watch out for those Democrats. They are socialists.” Well, I say we are all socialists. Why? Because all of us enjoy social programs: anything paid with your tax dollar and mine. How about the two biggies Social Security and Medicare? Or police and fire protection? […]

On behalf of the 2019 West Central Minnesota Career Expo Committee, we would like to thank the community of Fergus Falls for their generous support in making the 14th annual Career Expo on Thursday, Oct. 10 a huge success. The goals of this year’s expo were to: foster awareness of high-demand career opportunities; provide students […]

Forget the waivered ethanol gallons for now farmers and elected officials and offer big oil. This moves all E-10 gasoline  pumps to E-11 immediately.Why? Because it improves big oil’s gasoline margin!  For 113 octane ethanol sells cheaper than their 84 octane RBOB gasoline and big oil will only loss 1% in total volume of gasoline […]

Jordan Rasmusson’s column titled “How I Became a Conservative” gives me and the Republican Party of Otter Tail County hope for the future. Since Jordan’s time in Cuba, he has fought for conservative values and has become a nationally recognized leader within the conservative movement. I thank Rasmusson for sharing his story and hope it […]

Recently my office has been contacted by dozens of constituents of the Fergus Falls/Otter Tail County area that are deeply concerned over the topic of Fergus Falls becoming a “Sanctuary City.”  I share their concern that this policy would be going in the wrong direction. At the request of my constituents to get to the […]

There has been much said in the news about the recent mass shootings. All of us need to be concerned about these recent events and the direction of our country.   We recently read an article by Benjamin Gill about the mass shootings from the CBN News App (Christian Broadcasting News, 8/9/19) of which we […]

“We like our guns up here!”  That’s a quote from our good state senator from District 8.  Recent opinion polls in Minnesota indicate that 90% of its people want common-sense gun control.  In light of the recent mass shootings and school shootings, party leaders in the Minnesota Senate simply refuse to meet with the governor […]

A few days ago, I received a mailing from the National Right to Life organization, detailing the position of all the presidential candidates on the matter of abortion on demand and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Listed were 20 Democratic candidates and one man running against President Trump as a Republican. (Bill Weld…who describes […]

The Riverside Lions Club wants to thank and recognize all the businesses and individuals who showed their support with prizes and money donated for SummerFest and Riverside Lions projects for the greater Fergus Falls and surrounding area. Congratulations to the two winners of the Lions raffle. First prize: Kayaking package including a fishing kayak, two […]

On Monday, June 24, while I was walking through my apartment, my legs began to shake uncontrollably, then my upper body joined in. I was standing with my hands on my walker, and backed up to reach for my easy chair. But, I instead fell backward on my well-padded behind, with my upper half slamming […]

The sign states Kirkbride Park. Beneath the sign is a concrete planter full of colorful flowers and lovely green fauna. I enjoy the park and walk my dog — on his leash — as many others do as well. Lately, there are folks who let their dog(s) run off the leash. Big dogs; Australian shepherds; […]

A recent headline caught my eye, “U.S. budget deficit continues to soar.”  Sadly, this is the norm, not an aberration.  First some statistics. For the first eight months of the federal fiscal year, spending was over $3 trillion while receipts were under $2.3 trillion. The math for this is so basic that even the Trump […]

Thank you Otter Tail County residents for your support and help in collecting 5,110 pounds of food through the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger food drive. The food collected was distributed to local food shelves and will go a long way to prevent hunger for thousands of people in our area Communities […]

We are writing to thank Rep. Collin Peterson for taking a stand for world peace. Sometimes little-known actions can yield big results. Our congressperson, Peterson, has requested that Congress support using trained unarmed civilian protectors to protect civilians in areas prone to violent conflict. Far from a pipe dream, unarmed civilian protectors from groups like […]

The impasse in Minnesota’s budget talks raises many points. First, education funding should never be in question. Our children are our future. Education funding has been put on the back burner. Other funding seems more critical. Why is the best of everything required for incarceration? Criminals are mentally ill and should be treated as such. […]

The 2019 Fergus Falls Post Prom event was a success thanks to the many volunteers and the many generous donors!   Over 210 students attended the post-prom party, which provided a fun, safe and entertaining atmosphere for them.    Post prom includes games, food, prizes, a hypnotist show and the opportunity to socialize with friends […]

I watched Amy Klobuchar on the Fox News Channel tonight (May 8, 2019) worshiping at the altar of “women’s health issues.” It is quite amazing to me to listen to a woman who has been repeatedly touted as reasonable, moderate, clearly a common sense kind of person, as the same woman who just days ago […]

I was discouraged to see the recent pie in the face picture and article with the Fergus Falls Public Schools and American Heart Association fundraiser challenge. While this was a worthy service activity, I failed to see how the reward supported the goal. Instead of pie in the face, how about kids and adults celebrate […]

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, Morning Son Christian School held its annual Community Carnival. The event was a great success and we would like to thank the following sponsors for their contributions. Your donations are greatly appreciated! UniqueConstruction – $500 Agassiz GraniteTops – $250 Paul and Crystal Adams – $250 Ottertail Telcom – $150 Quality […]

In a letter to the editor in the Henning paper on Tuesday, April 23 the Prairie Spy said about government “I was going to list some things they’re getting right, but you’ll have to list them yourselves.  I cannot seem to come up with any.”  Well, I can. Consider the following programs.  Social Security, Medicare, […]

Why do I stay in the church? I suspect one reason is the need to belong. Leaving the Catholic Church would feel like leaving family. I grew up in a community so Catholic that a student of mine once expressed astonishment upon learning that most Americans are not Catholic. From grade school to grad school, […]

The staff and students of Harmony Studios would like to thank Pioneer Care Center for allowing us to use their facilities for our charity fundraiser recital.  On Friday, April 5, we were able to host four separate one-hour recitals for the following charities:  the Humane Society of Otter Tail County, the food shelf, the Lake […]

On Monday, March 26, Donald Trump and thus the Republican party, directed the Justice Department to back a federal appeals court to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act. This means that millions of American people are in danger of losing their health insurance. Following is a listing of some who are in danger of losing […]

Here is something for the drivers in Fergus Falls and Otter Tail County should watch for. Just see how many vehicles are driving around with expired license plates and everyone knows why that is. I talked to a lady today and her car was hit by a driver without insurance so her car is considered […]

Mr. John Sandy of Northport, Alabama, wrote a letter yesterday regarding Michele Anderson’s recent op-ed in the New York Times claims that it doesn’t “paint [the] ‘true’ Fergus Falls.” In my opinion, Mr. Sandy would benefit by listening more and talking less. Anderson’s op-ed in the NYT was thoughtful, vulnerable, and reflected the conflicted feelings […]

In a letter published March 29, 2019, Chester Rorvig of St. Cloud objected to the existence of a numerically large national debt, apparently believing that this debt was to be repaid in future by extracting finite resources from the nation. This represents a mistaken impression regarding the nature of sovereign fiat currency. It would be […]

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a grassroots, bipartisan organization that is focused on creating the political will to reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere. A preponderance of scientists (97 percent) believe humans have contributed to climate change by our actions. The laser-focused intent of CCL is to enact a carbon […]

OK, citizens of Fergus Falls, it’s now time to turn you outrage to The New York Times.  In  The New York Times (March 10, 2019, story by Michele Anderson), print edition, a huge quarter-page photo shows two vehicles moving slowly down Main Street covered in deep snow and ice.  In the photo, people are absent […]

It so irritates me how easy it is for some people, particularly politicians, to condemn the rich and express their opinions that we need to tax the rich more. A few weeks ago, I finished radiation treatments at the Fergus Falls Cancer Research Center. I remember walking into the research center, with some trepidation, and […]

In these particularly challenging times for local agricultural, it’s important that we do everything possible to seek out new national and international markets but also to create and bolster our local businesses as well. Increasing diversity in products raised on farms locally is a way to add value to a farms bottom line. One of […]

In a recent column, Jean Lemmon questions the threat posed by global warming. However, in its report “Catastrophe Modelling and Climate Change,” Lloyd’s of London states that the 8 inches of sea-level rise off the tip of Manhattan increased superstorm Sandy’s surge losses by 30 percent, and that “Further increases in sea level in this […]

The fact is abuse and violence are wholly wrong in every way. The truth is the heartlessness and badly twisted reasons need to change immediately for this should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances toward any sentient beings whether you’re a human being or an animal being. Nothing should be a victim of […]

Wondering if anyone else has noticed the gas prices in Fergus Falls? It seems that when the gas prices go down they only drop a cent or two, but when they go up it’s 5,10 or 15 cents at a time. We all know who controls the gas prices in Fergus Falls. Gene Bogenreif Elizabeth

I just read Amazon would be paying zero federal taxes this year. They used various tax breaks and credits to claim a $129 million rebate on $11 billion in profits. This is understandable to me because, embarrassingly, I didn’t pay any federal taxes either. Others could pay several thousand on the same income. Why am […]

The lack of community support is the main reason businesses leave Fergus Falls. If the city leaders past and present and other business leaders and Chamber of Commerce. Would sit down with their families and honestly discuss their shopping at local businesses, instead of going out of town to shop because their families want to […]

The transportation system touches all of our lives on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have underinvested in every aspect of the system — roads, bridges, transit, biking, and walking infrastructure- for far too long. As the transportation funding conversation has been reinvigorated since Governor Walz’s win, it has revolved almost exclusively around the gas tax, […]

A couple of years ago, they did work on Highway 210 East, basically taking the bumps out and a good upgrade.  It was great driving on it again.  I have live out here by the riding club for 18 years.  I drive this 4-mile stretch of road five to six days a week. What happened?  […]

Two issues in the news recently have caused me sadness and concern. And they don’t have to do with Obamacare or “the wall.” The first issue causing me sadness is the position taken by some governors of states out east, the position of relaxing restrictions on abortions. It is sad to see our nation aptly […]

Recently, I read an article from highway patrolman Grabow stating that Minnesota has a statute requiring all vehicles to have both front and rear license plates mounted on the vehicles, not on the dash or in the back window. If this is the law, why are there several hundred vehicles in Fergus Falls and many […]

I was an emergency physician in Fargo then Fergus Falls for 34 years. As you can imagine, I saw many patients deny serious health issues. Smokers, alcoholics, the massively obese, and drug addicts often were unable or unwilling to see how their habits were causing them harm. Occasionally a patient would ignore an obvious mass […]

Below are requests for two bills which should be in the Legislature this session. 1. Daytime running lights (safety lights) should be required 24 hours per day. I feel all cars should be required to have headlights on at all times to increase their visibility. There is no reason daytime running lights should not be […]

Why are we failing to put this and that together? This: The New York Times has made a thoroughly researched and detailed case that our executive branch has been noticed to have been working as a Russian asset. That: The government has been shut down by the executive branch. We’ve heard individual No. 1 say […]

On Nov. 8, 2018, I left Wisconsin in my diesel pickup. There was a short delay that caused me to hit rush hour traffic on I-694 where it began to snow heavily. The huge volume of traffic and poor road conditions required 100 percent of my attention to the road and traffic. Not watching my […]

I experienced a case of “Minnesota Nice” today, when I was walking on main street. A man met me on the corner and asked if he could assist me on the icy sidewalk, and then he took my arm, and we proceeded to walk the rest of the way, to my destination. How nice is […]

In the Dec. 26 edition of The Daily Journal, a letter from Bill Schulz was published. He began his letter talking about “Trump’s former attorney Robert Cohen.”  Schulz was apparently referring to Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, confidant, adviser and “fixer” (relative to all Trump’s personal problems). Anyone who has followed the news knows […]

The mainstream leftist press are swooning with delight that their pet prosecutor Robert Mueller has revealed that President Trump’s former attorney, Robert Cohen, arranged a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to prevent a porn star actress from revealing her (ahem) dalliance with Trump, and arranged an NDA with a former Playboy Bunny “model” who hippity hopped through […]

December 7, 1941 – the attack on Pearl Harbor -was a day that has remained in infamy.  Very few service members who personally remember that day are still among us.  The American Legion Auxiliary encourages everyone to do what they can to keep Pearl Harbor a part of National consciousness.  Many brave service members were […]

Dear Fergus Falls, and especially Ward 4 residents, thank you for the honor of serving you these past four years on City Council! Being elected as a “write-in” in 2014 was something I can never forget — all those who actually took the time to write my name in the ballot (although, I was told […]

A historic event occurred on Nov. 27.  What so many have said would never happen, has happened.  The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is the most robust and comprehensive climate legislation to have come out in a decade — and it is bipartisan.  Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.), Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.), Rep. Charlie Crist […]