Forget the waivered ethanol gallons for now farmers and elected officials and offer big oil. This moves all E-10 gasoline  pumps to E-11 immediately.Why? Because it improves big oil’s gasoline margin!  For 113 octane ethanol sells cheaper than their 84 octane RBOB gasoline and big oil will only loss 1% in total volume of gasoline sells at the pump if they just compromise to the Roebke Plan !

Yet at the same time, ethanol plant volumes nationwide increase by 10% or 100,000 barrels/day!  Jumping corn prices immediately, for it consumes another 550 million bushels of the 2019 corn crop about to be harvested!

Plus it’s all part of the No-Cost Roebke (REB-Key) Farm Plan!   That offers farmers nationwide, the option to take a recoarse CCC loan at their local FSA office on fall-harvested corn at $4/bushel, soybeans at $10/bushel and wheat a $5/bushel!

Which will immediately push crop prices high enough to eliminate the need for any more Trump MFP subsidies this fall!  Saving the taxpayer $8 billion on additional MFP subsidies, now scheduled for November and January and another $12 billion-plus in taxpayer savings on 2019 crop ARC and PLC subsidies!

Alan Roebke



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