Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a grassroots, bipartisan organization that is focused on creating the political will to reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere. A preponderance of scientists (97 percent) believe humans have contributed to climate change by our actions. The laser-focused intent of CCL is to enact a carbon fee and dividend act that would reduce greenhouse emissions by 40 percent.     

As you might expect, though, individuals involved in CCL are interested in climate matters in general. One recent news story, that has been building for four years, is the court case Juliana v. United States. This is also known as the youth climate lawsuit as the plaintiffs are now aged 10 to 21.  The suit asserts that the United States government has known for decades that carbon introduced into the atmosphere most likely has caused adverse effects on the environment.  Additionally, the effects of carbon in the atmosphere violates the youngest generation’s rights to life, liberty and property.

Most legal scholars believed the suit would fail quickly, but District Court Judge Ann Aiken wrote in her opinion allowing the case to proceed. “I have no doubt that the right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life is fundamental to a free and ordered society.” The CBS news show “60 Minutes” did a segment on this in the March 3 program.

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