It so irritates me how easy it is for some people, particularly politicians, to condemn the rich and express their opinions that we need to tax the rich more.

A few weeks ago, I finished radiation treatments at the Fergus Falls Cancer Research Center. I remember walking into the research center, with some trepidation, and could not believe such a facility existed locally. Even at age 76, and having lived a pretty good life, no one likes to hear they have cancer.

On one of the walls inside of the main entrance were the names of the donors who helped build this facility. I presumed most of those donors had either had cancer or knew of someone who had cancer and were able to financially donate their hard-earned wealth to help build this facility. “What a blessing,” I thought to have such an impressive center right here in Fergus Falls. Every person, with whom I came into contact during my 43 days of radiation treatment, treated me with respect and professionalism. It was an amazing treatment experience and with an excellent outcome for me.

For this, I wish to thank all the Doctors and Nurses for their care, and also the people wealthier than I for their tax-deductible donations. It is my hope that our government will continue to pass laws that make it possible for individuals to contribute their hard-earned money in order for such institutions to exist.

Cary Johnson

Pelican Rapids


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