I hope that you have been enjoying your summer and that your family is doing well. As the new school year begins and your child begins to look towards the future and starts to prioritize important decisions that need to be made toward their next chapters of their life. 

Should I go to college, enter the workforce, or the military? Where am I going to college? Does it matter which college I attend? What should I major in? How much will it cost to attend that college? What kind of financial aid will I receive? How much student debt will I have at the end of my college degree? 

All of these questions are important, but I believe equally important are the questions, “Is there a job for me when I finish college?” “How much does a past graduate get paid with the degree I’m looking at majoring in?” These last two questions I believe the state of Minnesota has tried to help give some answers too. Especially if your child would like to stay in the state of Minnesota. 

The website is from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development or DEED. The data tool shows depending on the degree: how many graduates from each college, what region most graduates from that college relocated to, the top industry of employment for that degree, and salaries that past college graduates from each college are receiving? There is much more information that this site shows. Please take this opportunity and spend some time learning about the site. It is worth your time and will allow you to have good discussions with your child about their future. For more information on this site that is put out by MN DEED please go to this youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du4hdKRSflw .

The Minnesota DEED link to college graduate outcomes for those students that stay working in Minnesota is found at this link: https://mn.gov/deed/data/data-tools/graduate-employment-outcomes/

I hope you will find this information as valuable as I did as a parent. To your child’s success and a great school year.


Matt Lemke

Fergus Falls


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