The sign states Kirkbride Park. Beneath the sign is a concrete planter full of colorful flowers and lovely green fauna. I enjoy the park and walk my dog — on his leash — as many others do as well.

Lately, there are folks who let their dog(s) run off the leash. Big dogs; Australian shepherds; lab mixes and golden retrievers; standard poodle. Big snarly, barking, running-around dogs whose owners say “They just want to play.”

Picture yourself in one of the old swings on a cool summer evening when a Jeep and a truck pull up and out run two big Aussies — unleashed — coming at you at a run, barking and growling. The owner has leashes around her neck — isn’t there a city ordinance about a dog(s) being leashed inside city limits? The owner called her dogs — but never leashed them — and those dogs kept running, barking and growling until out of sight of the old swing.

Will a sign that states “not a dog park” added under the Kirkbride Park sign and just above the concrete planter full of colorful flowers and green fauna work? Or a Fergus Falls Police Department black-and-white cruising by? Is the officer inside able to observe and write citations when the owner has a dog’s leash around their neck and not the dog’s?

Joan Walters

Fergus Falls


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