On Nov. 8, 2018, I left Wisconsin in my diesel pickup. There was a short delay that caused me to hit rush hour traffic on I-694 where it began to snow heavily. The huge volume of traffic and poor road conditions required 100 percent of my attention to the road and traffic.

Not watching my gauges closely enough, I ran out of fuel between two Fergus Falls exits. After several hours of unsuccessful attempts to prime fuel to the injectors, Jason — a mechanic — stopped and helped as long as he could. I continued on after he left. An incredibly kind young police officer stopped to offer assistance.

After he left, I continued to work on my pickup until Jason returned and gave me a ride back to Fergus Falls and a motel.

In the early morning darkness of Nov. 9, I caught a ride back to my pickup to get my tablet. Then caught another ride back to the motel to review fuel priming procedures documented on the tablet. Awaiting daylight in the lobby of the hotel, a kind and knowledgeable crane mechanic told me of his experiences with my diesel engine and most importantly encouraged me. Then I was blessed with another ride back to my pickup and offered a fresh hot coffee intended for himself by the kindest of persons.

Upon arrival at the vehicle, a young man, Kurt, very mature beyond his years from a nearby business assisted me and volunteered his vehicle to return to Fergus Falls for additional items to assist in starting a cold, dead engine. Kurt then stayed with me during the bitter cold until my vehicle started.

To Kurt, Jason, crane mechanic and all of the drivers affording me a 4-mile ride to circumvent a long cold walk in the wind of a cold night and morning, I send a huge thank you.

A grateful person in need of your help. Fergus Falls; you are a testament of human decency and a shining example of what mankind is supposed to be.

Joe Garrett

Carmen, Idaho


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