There has been much said in the news about the recent mass shootings.

All of us need to be concerned about these recent events and the direction of our country.   We recently read an article by Benjamin Gill about the mass shootings from the CBN News App (Christian Broadcasting News, 8/9/19) of which we would like to share some of what he wrote with you, as this is how we feel.

“Sadly here we are again, America roiled by more senseless violence, more wanton bloodshed and tragedy.  What solutions have we come up with?  Name-calling, race-baiting, and finger-pointing.  That’s it so far.

“The coverage by the secular media has been wall to wall.  But as usual, the most important point has been ignored:  It’s the spiritual element behind every mass shooting.  Many in the media don’t do religion – they don’t seem to get the fact that there’s a spirit realm and that evil is a real thing.  And some on the left consistently mock “thoughts and prayers” from well meaning Christians.

“Know this that a world view without God is a worldview that stumbles around in the dark looking for solutions that can’t be found.

“We’re always looking to replace the laws of God with our own laws that seem right in our own eyes.  Some of them actually work, because they are unwittingly based on God’s deeper truths.  But mostly, they fail to address the actual problem because laws don’t change hearts.

“So what’s the answer to the ongoing bloodshed in America? The world is crying out for justice and peace.  But neither will exist until we invite the God of justice and the Prince of Peace to be the Lord of our lives, one life at a time, changing our world from the inside out, not from the outside in.  So pray.  Pray for our world.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for your enemies, then pray some more… .”  James 5:16b This Bible verse shows the power in our prayers.

Richard and Judy Edinger

Fergus Falls


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