Two issues in the news recently have caused me sadness and concern. And they don’t have to do with Obamacare or “the wall.” The first issue causing me sadness is the position taken by some governors of states out east, the position of relaxing restrictions on abortions. It is sad to see our nation aptly described by a reprimand written to people about 2,000 years ago, “You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.” (James 5:6) What have the unborn babies done to hurt us that we should be the ultimate bullies against them? Using the acronym SLED (not original to me), compare the unborn to toddlers and toddlers to adults and you will see that none of the following criteria is a valid reason to abort a child: Size, level of development, Environment, degree of dependency.

The second issue which concerns me is the lack of investigation as our Minnesota Legislature considers legalization of recreational marijuana. I would highly recommend the article “Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence” recently published in Imprimis. Let me say up front that I am not against medical marijuana, though the previously mentioned article raises questions even about that usage after a four-year study done in Australia comparing ibuprofen to marijuana for chronic pain. It found that over time, cannabis use was associated with greater pain. Let me just quote a few other statements but you really should read the article yourself. “Legalization has not led to a huge increase in people using the drug casually… but the number of Americans who use cannabis heavily is soaring.” “Cannabis users today are also consuming a drug that is far more potent than ever before.” (1970s – 2 percent THC; today 20-25 percent). The author’s main point isn’t restricting or legalizing marijuana but only that people should be told the truth and warned of the hazards. Read and be warned.

Lowell Quam

Fergus Falls


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