Always, it seems, in an election cycle, outcomes the cry “watch out for those Democrats. They are socialists.” Well, I say we are all socialists. Why? Because all of us enjoy social programs: anything paid with your tax dollar and mine. How about the two biggies Social Security and Medicare? Or police and fire protection? Schools, parks, sewer systems, water supply, roads, bridges and dams? And there it is, your tax dollar and mine. Except we now have an oligarchy in which the wealthy rule and they will say anything, do anything to keep that power. The tax bill recently passed destroyed the “social contract” of economic equality and opportunity.

I say this power creep did not originate with our present administration. This has been building up over decades with the backing of voters that have been seduced by the abortion issue. Vote for anyone that is “pro-life” — don’t kill the babies. That issue has kept more corruption going than any social program you can imagine. The idea that a woman should have control of her own body seems to rile more people than you can shake a stick at. And how much success have those voters had in overturning Roe v. Wade? Not much, but it surely messed with the economics of this country big time.

Now the fabric of the “social contract” for all of us is badly ripped and torn. How we put it back together is up to us. Big job. Big issues like climate change, ah yes that one also. The science deniers that continue to support big oil and coal burning. We are all going to pay for that mess.

I could go on but you get the idea and if you don’t, well give yourself a gold star for reading it all.

Norma Jensen



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