“We like our guns up here!”  That’s a quote from our good state senator from District 8.  Recent opinion polls in Minnesota indicate that 90% of its people want common-sense gun control.  In light of the recent mass shootings and school shootings, party leaders in the Minnesota Senate simply refuse to meet with the governor to even “talk” about the problem.  Yet we have kids afraid to go to school for fear of an intruder.  Parents often fear for their kids being in school.  Kids make their own plan for the school exits if an intruder shows up. We now have bulletproof backpacks as a “back to school” item.  We see kids strongly advocating for common-sense gun control, yet our elected leaders refuse to even discuss the issue as the case in the Minnesota Senate and national Senate.   

The auto industry receives high praise from “all people” when it builds cars with all kinds of safety features to save lives, and why not do everything we can to make safety features when it comes to school shootings and mass shootings with common sense gun control?   One begins to wonder if many of our elected leaders are more concerned about maintaining their political position as opposed to the safety of their constituents.  What will it take for the Minnesota Senate to even be willing to talk about gun safety?  An event in their district?  An event that affects them personally?  To refuse to even talk about gun safety with the governor is an abdication of their job. To the good senator, be a leader and get your caucus to at least talk…   until then, “We like our guns up here!”

Jerry Horgen



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