Eric, my Facebook monitor, told me that according to his Facebook sources, George Jetson was born on July 31, 2022. Remember him? Not only was he “born” after the cartoon’s original airing, but he hadn’t yet lived until well after the cartoon’s final episode of November 12, 1987. But let’s not get bogged down in the weeds of reality. The Jetson’s were a futuristic, utopian American family. The cartoon enacted their life in approximately the 2060’s, given that George was born in 2022 and is now married and a father of two children, including a teen. Interestingly, that would be about 100 years after the cartoon was aired. Our porch was pretty entertaining when Eric started listing off the names of the characters, and soon we found ourselves singing the theme song, “Meet George Jetson,” as he gets into his aerocar with the family. He drops off “his boy, Elroy ‘’ at Little Dipper School, then continues on his journey to take “Daughter, Judy” to Orbit High School. Each family member is encased in a transparent tube to be aero-transported to the appropriate building. Finally, as “Jane, his wife” was introduced, he offers her cash in the form of a $ bill. Jane grabs his wallet and kisses him goodbye. As he stands there holding the remaining bill, she is transported down to the shopping center. Nonplussed, George continues on his way to work. When he arrives, his aerocar morphs into a briefcase and he rides an automated people mover to his office. Do you remember the old cartoon? Who dreams up these ideas? Do you think we’ll be traveling in aerocars in 40 years? Personally, I doubt it, but most likely our vehicles will be powered by something other than gasoline. George often complained, “Oh, my aching back!” Of course there were those pesky three-day work weeks, so his downtime was somewhat limited. What a life! If you want to take a stroll down memory lane, you can watch the Jetsons theme song on YouTube.

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