Just had to tell what happened to my friend, Rose Wulfkuhle, and I while going to Perkins Restaurant for X-mas dinner. 

Rose dropped me off at the front door. When I came in there was this young woman with such a pretty smile. She had made sloth X-mas pjs for her and her husband for traveling during the holiday. I had remarked about her pjs cause I had got sloth leggings from my friend Marla for Christmas. She had come form Des Moines, Iowa and was going to Hallock.

So later, we were taken to our booth and then we ordered. So all of a sudden our waiter came and said he had made a mistake with our bill. All of a sudden, we were informed that a couple paid our bill and had left the waiter a $15 tip.

There are wonderful people in the world and I wanted to write in the paper of our happening.

There are good people in the world. It was a wonderful uplifting day.


Ann Rasmussen

Fergus Falls

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