Quit body shaming and embrace your naked self.

I’ve read with sadness recently about our society shaming people with regards to their bodies. Gorgeous stars alike are being called fat in every magazine. Pop culture has ruined us into thinking that normal sized people are bad. With this warped sense of beauty, it’s easy to see why people are suffering from body dysmorphia. Kids are growing up only seeing airbrushed starlets or impossible bodies in pornography and they never see real, natural people anymore. We need to stop being ashamed of ourselves, and remember that nudity is natural, and you can be healthy and happy without being airbrushed. We need to see real naked people again.

Many cultures see nudity with no problem, and people grow up with a better sense of what is natural and have less depression from body issues than us. Our Nordik and Finland relatives embrace co-ed saunas and Europe has its nude beaches. Back in the day, people thought nothing of the YMCA requiring men to swim nude. Nudity can become normal again, and should be for our own health’s sake. Nudity isn’t sexual, God made us naked, and why should we feel immoral for sometimes choosing to not cover God’s beautiful work? If we embrace real and normal nudity then the sexual stigma should go away.

There are two days coming up seeking to help people adopt a healthier attitude about their own imperfect bodies. The first is the World Naked Gardening Day which is May 7. Learn more at wngd.org, but one goal of this day is to “help move our culture toward a healthy sense of both body acceptance and our relation to the natural environment.” This is my third World Naked Gardening Day, and no neighbors have complained yet.

The second day is July 14, which is National Nude Day. People everywhere look at this day as a way to keep cool on a summer day, and to take pride in their bodies and to accept themselves. We need to start accepting ourselves again and realize that everyone is unique and that’s normal. Try visiting a naturist club on this day to see how normal and nonsexual nudity can be. Visit Naturist Legacy in Manitoba where I’ll be, or Avatan near the cities as it’s good too.

I hope everyone remembers these days and lets them be the beginning of us feeling good about us again.

Ray Mitchell


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