I am getting sick of the pettiness of politics. Two things really struck me this week, first after Rush Limbaugh’s death I saw the repeat of his receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump several times and I noticed Nancy Pelosi sat sullen looking down the whole time. No standing with others when he was given a standing ovation. And I’ve watched all the slack about Sen. Ted Cruz.

My thinking about what was wrong with these kept me awake but I came to two conclusions. First, we seem to be unable to rejoice with others especially when we disagree with them politically. Why can’t we celebrate with others when they are given recognition? Do we only recognize what our side thinks is worthy? Do I hate a person just because he has a different political stance than I have? And the question keeps coming to me, how can we expect our government to accomplish anything when there is such hatred between the sides?

On a lighter side I heard about Cruz responding to his family’s request and flying them to Cancun, Mexico. How many of us parents have had our children ask us for things? How many of us look for ways we can say yes to them at least as often as we need to say no? Who did that trip hurt? Cruz’s image because several people decided it could become a political negative. How does his family feel, oh how selfish I was to hurt my dad? What could Sen. Cruz have done instead, stayed put and warm. The weather had effectively shut most things down in a lot of Texas, so it was like a gift of free time. Yes, I love you guys and we can do this!

Please let’s start looking at people positively! I’ve been encouraged to think of something I am thankful for at the end of the day, going to bed remembering something good is a great treat. It’s too easy to look back and see the negatives in life. Why can’t we learn to look at others as we wish they were looking at us?

I’m beginning to think there are people paid to watch all political and influential people for any perceivable mistake and then feed it to the politicians and news media to smear good people. And how could a marriage survive without give and take. Seems our government wants their way and their way only. Politicians grow up! Give each other room to do things for their families, to listen with a clear mind to all opinions, to make your decisions based on your constituency and not your fellow Republican or Democrat politicians. Look for the good in others, and be happy for them.


Judith Bjerkaas

Fergus Falls

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