I guess spring has finally decided to poke its head out and stick around. I know that as soon as I say this or this goes to print, a snowstorm the likes that has never been seen will hit the Midwest with all the fury of a right hand from Mike Tyson in his prime. We will be buried in snow up to our eyeballs and have to dig back into our closets for our winter coats and snowpants.

But this past weekend was nearly idyllic. I woke up and went to the gym without having to wear a sweatshirt or a coat. I enjoyed a neighborhood brunch in a T-shirt out in the sun. I also went on a bike ride with both my children on Saturday and Sunday. I even wore shorts for one of those days.

The only thing I am not looking forward to is spring cleaning — namely, getting my garage in order. My wife does a fantastic job keeping our home in good condition and the kids do a tremendous job on their rooms, but the garage looks like a tornado swept through it.

During the winter, it became a place of shelter for my daughter and her friends to hang out in. We have a little bit of space near the back of  the garage that turned into a fort area or a playhouse. Crayons and paper can be found on the third-row bench seat that sits in our garage, while the workbench has a variety of toys and grill utensils.

My son and wife hoped to get a jump start on cleaning as they swept out the garage on their day off. I guess my part will come either in the middle of the week or the weekend. This is where I will be expected to move heavy objects to high places or find a spot for that thing that has sat in our garage since we moved. I love the later because it usually means that I have to move something that we can’t get rid of, but also don’t use very much, to another spot that my wife won’t notice until its time to clean that area. Sometimes I wish there was a space, like the cloud on the internet, that you can take random  items, put them away and pull them out when needed. I know what you are thinking. These areas are called storage sheds or storage garages, but if you put it in the shed, it is still going to get in the way of things that actually belong in the shed and if you put it in a storage garage, you would have to take it out of the garage and bring it back home. Anyway, I digress.

Speaking of grilling ... now that we are moving back to a somewhat normal rules on gatherings, I begin to plan a barbecue with a few close friends. We haven’t had an opportunity to have people over for a cookout in quite some time and with the weather projected to be amazing in two weeks, I decided to take the plunge and invite people over.

I purchased a grill last March that I discovered actually is too big for just my family alone. By the time the thing gets roaring, I cook a few burgers and hot dogs and I am done. Then it sits there cooling for four to five hours. Having more people over, it allows me to use the grill to its full ability and to really get the bang for the buck on the heat it emits.

Lastly, I am looking forward to potentially taking my family to a Twins game this year. In February, my wife and I were in early talks to take the kids to a game. We were looking at dates in June and excited to spend time watching a big league ballgame. The pandemic came and erased that thought from our memory.

Now, returning to the stands seems within reach. The Twins are actually looking as a contender in 2021, despite getting rid of my son’s favorite player Eddie Rosario, and it will be fun to actually experience a day at the ballpark with my children. Who knows, maybe we will get the gumption to travel to Target Field early in the season?

Luckily the weather seems to be cooperating this spring. I know that snow is still a possibility but as the temperature continues to hang in the high 60s and low 70s, I believe that rain becomes more of my foe for outdoor festivities. So, let’s hope that the recent nice weather continues and we get to enjoy much of what was limited last year. 


Zach Stich is the managing editor at the Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

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