As the Democratic Party embraces socialism, it is not surprising that Mr. Hermes’ letter attacks state representative candidate, Jordan Rasmusson’s business experience and success. Mr. Hermes should not look to Hollywood movies or Bernie Sanders as credible sources when attempting to understand capitalism or business. In fact, he need not look further than a local farm.

We farmers are constantly looking for opportunities to be more efficient and productive, and like other businesses big or small, we must be able to respond to changes in the market in order to be successful. Cutting inefficiencies and being adaptable are all part of the deal when it comes to operating a profitable farm business and producing good yielding crops.

If Mr. Hermes had attended Jordan’s speech at the West Otter Tail Crop Show last week, he would have learned more about Jordan’s business experience and how it has prepared him to be an effective state representative. As a management consultant, Jordan worked with a seed company to improve their supply chain and ensure farmers got the seed they needed as markets and weather shifted. Jordan also worked for a dairy cooperative to improve the return on capital investment for farmers when milk prices were low.

Jordan has made a career out of helping businesses be successful. Folks in Otter Tail County understand that successful businesses create good jobs and strong communities. Rasmusson’s business experience is exactly what we need in the Legislature. He will work for a state government that will effectively and efficiently utilize our tax dollars. Because of that, I strongly support Jordan Rasmusson’s candidacy.


Hans Ronnevik

Fergus Falls


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