Otter Tail County has been my lifelong home. I treasure our rural way of life and what it offers. Watching what is happening in our country and our state has gotten my attention and made me realize that we cannot afford to sit back and watch well-organized, well-funded extremist groups create chaos, dictate policy that undermines our American way of life and blatantly destroy our history. We need to take action to protect our freedom and values. One of the most important things that we can do is to vote for someone who knows and understands our community. It is essential to have a person who cares about our constitutional rights, who values human life from the unborn to the elderly, supports the right to defend ourselves and will not be afraid to speak boldly for those of us living in Greater Minnesota.

I am supporting Jordan Rasmusson to represent our community in Saint Paul. He understands our issues and shares our values because his family has lived here for several generations. Jordan knows the importance of faith, community and hard work and he wants to work for us in St. Paul.


Linda Wright


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